Traditional dances from ‘Ochju a ochju’

traditional dance


Ochju a ochju, is a traditional dance association dealing with creative development; traditional costumes worn in the Corsican micro-regions during the 17th/18th centuries.
These costumes were created by designer Rene-Marie Acquaviva, according to ethnologist Rennie PecqueuxBarboni’s theory. Staging of traditional dances: carnival, community (such as the quadrille), dances for couples; ‘a jardiniera’, and choreographic creations deriving from traditional dances.

Ochju a ochju aims at creating bonds/connections through offering a representative meaning/sense in order to bring people together – combining heritage and creation so one can perceive an authentic image of the island of Corsica, anchored in its traditions but, turning towards the future and modernity.


Source: Corse Passion

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