Traditional Easter ‘Cacavelli’

Traditionally an Easter treat here in Corsica the ‘cacavelli’, ‘campanili’ and ‘moustatchori’ –  depending on where you may find yourselves at this particular moment.

Let’s take the region of Ajaccio, where the ‘cacavelli’ would be the choice. Ideal for picnics and outings, and you can also make individual ones for children if you prefer.

Preparation: 30mins

Cooking: 40mins

Oven: 180°


– 500grs flour
– 1 egg
– 125grs sugar
– 375grs butter
– a pinch of salt
eau de vie (or brandy)
– 20grs baking powder
– water (if necessary)
– aniseed



Mix all the main ingredients together in order to shape your pastry, and leave to rest for a few hours. Then shape a circle/crown on which you will deposit the egg, using strips of pastry to form a cross.
Coat the pastry with a yoke of egg, for colour purposes and cook for around 40mins.
To be noted: Curconi, Panetti and Micchetti are also prepared with the same pastry.


Bon appetitu !

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