Turtle Island – ‘A Cupulatta’

photo-tortue4Now, here is one of the most extraordinary places to visit where nature and one of the oldest existing species flourish in perfect affinity

Cupulatta” (turtle) – a unique park and breeding centre, situated just outside of Ajaccio, in a preserved, natural site, where one can literally spend the day visiting and admiring over 170 species, and 3000 specimens, originating from America, Asia and Africa – this is the largest European park of turtles/tortoises to see the day, and founded in 1993 in an instinctive setting of 2.5 hectares of land. The Hermann tortoise has been in danger of extinction and is therefore protected by law – one cannot buy, sell or even normally possess this type for some years now, although they can still be found wandering within the Corsican scrub, or simply strolling across the roads – the latter being one of the natural causes of their disappearance too, unfortunately, along with ravaging fires during the summer months.

Just to give you a small idea of what awaits your curiosity: giant leopard tortoises from Ethiopia (38 babies were born there last year, and this is the first time since the park opened), Madagascar turtles and giant turtles/tortoises from the Seychelles, Galapagos or the ‘alligators’ – amongst the highlights of attractions! The importance of this park as regards the reproduction and preservation of species through captivity, is obvious and determinant – a question of long term survival, in other words. Do you know that the general lifespan of a tortoise is between 80-100 years, and that of a turtle between 20-40?

When you think of it, we honestly know so little about the surrounding life on this earth, and in showing interest and taking the time, we can not only be surprised, but also comprehend certain aspects of existence on earth and the related linking – we must forever remain accessible to learning.

This remains a favourite choice of mine, and where I return to willingly every year.


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