Types of chestnuts that can be found on the island

There are several varieties of chestnuts here in Corsica.

The ‘Rudulacciu’ is very fruitful, giving three chestnuts by chestnut bur – the fruit literally bends the branches of the trees during the autumn season.
The ‘Vicu’ can be easily recognised by its fruit; they fall with their chestnut burs and remain conserved for a long time.
As for the ‘Poarupa’, it only gives two chestnuts by chestnut bur, but they are quite beautiful. We cannot really name all of the varieties, as there are many, but, we must mention the ‘king of chestnuts’ – the ‘Zerubia’ – of a wondrous size, giving two chestnuts by chestnut bur and highly recommended for drying.

The most common varieties are the following:
‘L’Insitina’ of medium size and good quality, also known as ‘Orezzinca’ or ‘Campanese’.
The ‘Pitrina’ or ‘Teghja’, recognisable by the flat shape.
Then there is the ‘Tricciuta’ – which comes as a bouquet of chestnut burs and also the ‘Nucella’ (hazelnut), and many others indeed !


Source: Corse Passion 

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