‘U Cursinu’ – A Corsican breed of dog, first appearing over the XVI century

Yes, Corsica does have a breed of dog. Making a first appearance over the XVI century, to somehow be forgotten after the 50’s, mainly due to the fact that there have been so many breeds/new breeds entering and acclaiming public attention, especially from an international point of view.
This breed was primarily used as a farming/hunting dog, and since the late 80’s has been on the ‘come back’, thanks to a very motivated association who promoted the need to guarantee the continuation of this breed and fortunately enough as a very useful dog. Hunting wild boar is the essential task, although they have even been used for hare and fox too, but wild boar would be the most popular. Brindle coated, with various colours; fawn, black, tan and brown – quite striking, due to the uneven flow of tones, and white can be found too on the chest and legs.

The Central Canine Society has recognised this breed only since 2003, so, it has taken quite some time when you think about it – thanks to a few passionate lovers/followers from the island and in 2004, a first international title was to be earned. Although I write about the natural advantages of this breed, they can very well be used as simple companions too, being obedient and loyal, proud and intelligent, keeping in mind that they do possess the hunting instinct.

Cursinu Corsicathèque
If you’re wondering what category they belong to, the answer is Group 5 : Spitz, Chow Chow, Husky, etc.

The height at the withers for a female is from 46-55cm and for a male; 46-58cm, so they’re not what you’d call big dogs, rather medium-sized and slim. Versatility, a word one hears very often, appearing a major asset of this breed.

On the island, there are at least eight breeders spread around, and you can easily find a list through the SCC (Société Centrale Canine).Striking and highly appreciated here, the ‘Cursinu’ merits a certain regard, interest and time.

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