‘U Fullettu’ – there was once a curious goblin ..

 a Christmas story - Corse Passion
Tonight at the vigil, we will listen to a story about a goblin.
Who is he ?

He is described as a small man, with an iron fist. He enters homes, preferably in the morning without making noise. Not everyone has met him, but those who have crossed his path, are not likely to forget him, and when he enters a house – it is very difficult to make him leave ..

One evening in Castagniccia, as night was falling, a brave miller was grinding his chestnuts when he heard a noise near his mill. Outside, he could hear a cold, sad and hungry child crying – so, the miller decided to take him home. When he tried to warm him, setting him near the fireplace where a large fire was burning, the boy took fright and refused, because he did not want the miller to see his forked feet. Leaving the boy to himself, the miller returned to his work. Suddenly, the mill wheel stopped – there wasn’t a drop of water left to run it.

Just what was happening ?

It was then, that he saw the boy arriving, laughing and clapping his hands, ‘you can go to bed miller, tonight the wheel will not turn anymore!’. The miller immediately realised he was dealing with a goblin, and it would be not be easy to get rid of him. A goblin is not wicked as such, but he likes to play a lot of nasty jokes and with time, this makes his company very difficult indeed.

The miller now has only one thing in mind; to drive him away from his home. He thought about it for a long time, and suddenly remembered that funny little character despises disorder and cannot help, but put everything back into place …

So, one morning he went up to the attic and emptied a sack of wheat and a bag of oats on the floor, being careful to mix the grains. When the goblin saw that all the grains were mixed up, he immediately began to sort them, one by one – but this work was so long and tedious that he soon became discouraged.

Disappointed, he eventually left the house .. to the great relief of the miller!

Source and thanks to: Corse Passion ©

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