‘Vegan Marathon’ – Magà Ettori is ready for a challenge !

Magà Ettori is ready to take up a challenge – that of the Marathon de Paris, next April 9th. The truth is, it’s the story of a rebirth. He’s forty-five years of age and weighs 140k – has hypertension and suffers from apnea (and we all know how dangerous that can be). Previously, he had to stop sport, having undergone an organ transplant due to an accident. But, his old dream has persisted, and his desire to participate is stronger than ever.
He confides in an old friend, who is a sports coach, and who convinces him that this is still possible, and that he could run not only for himself, but also for the animal cause (being a vegan). The challenge is ready to be taken up. So, hoping to lose around forty kilos, and returning to his top form, he’s out to defeat the wall of the Paris Marathon – a mythical race of 42.195k. From that moment onwards, he has had to keep an eye on the calendar. A battery of tests followed, showing his limitations for exercise. Magà also questions his food practices, in the framework of high-level sport. Could there be a contradiction ?
After nine months of training, and just six weeks before the actual date, he carries out an assessment of his challenge (weight, form and sleep), and the results are encouraging. His general physical preparation continues, and he finds himself on an athletic track for training, with alternative fast and recovery phases.
Now, since the beginning of his training, he runs a race on Sundays – the last one consisted of 28k, and was one of the most intensive. Fifteen days before the marathon, the body needs a ‘recovery phase’, before the final marathon.
He decided to run his last races on his island, in Corsica, somewhat in the footsteps of his past – a return to his roots, increasing his motivation, and with final steps including meditation, enabling him to grasp the necessary resources.
The target is to end the race at 5.30 – 7.6km / h.                              
Let’s learn a little more about this marathon.
The Schneider Electric Marathon is today one of the most important marathons in the world, taking place in Paris and characterised by the importance of its pack, as well as the performances achieved. Almost 145 nationalities and 57000 runners participate, confronting 42.195km of the most legendary event offered by athletics. On April 9th, this crossing of Paris (leaving from the Champs-Elysées towards Avenue Foch, and passing by the Vincennes and Boulogne woods), will certainly offer an unrivalled setting. The personal challenge is combined with an excursion through the city, around the most prestigious arteries and squares in the capital. At the foot of the Arc de Triomphe, participants will start from the Champs-Elysées and direction Concorde. Following this, the rue de Rivoli and heading towards the Place de la Bastille, after a ‘green’ period through the ‘Bois de Vincennes’ – the return journey will be less difficult, with the prospects of arriving at Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Eiffel Tower. Every year, this particular follow up attracts more and more tourists and athletes – there are about 23000 faithful foreigners for this ‘rendez-vous’, which represents around 40% of the pack.
Thierry Pistorozzi is behind ‘Vegan Marathon’. The sports coach managed to convince Magà Ettori that the challenge was indeed feasible. Thierry is not only a coach, he is also a high level champion, holding various records – one being, crossing over Corsica from north to south, which he achieved in only 32h.31m.
He felt absolutely charmed by Magà Ettori’s project, and is 100% involved with this exciting challenge. Week after week, he has helped Magà surmount obstacles, allowing him to be present for this huge event coming up in April.
This is all very exciting, and we really need to support this initiative, as much as possible. Life sometimes commands challenges, but it also leaves us the choice to surpass ourselves, ultimately, the choice is ours to reject or accept.
Stay tuned, and follow the adventure right up to the end !
Source: Magà Ettori Vegan Marathon

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