Water, the hub of life – at Orezza, the natural spring offers generous benefits

les-eaux-d-orezza Paris sur la Corse“Human nature is like water. It takes the shape of its container ..”
Water indeed gushes from the land of Corsica. And, one of the well known springs is that of Orezza, in the famous Castagniccia chestnut forest area.

So, what is the history of this water with such magical powers !

It was in 1866 that it was identified public interest by imperial decree – to thus be exploited by a few Corsican businessmen. As of the 18th century, Pasquale Paoli, (who gave Corsica its’ first Constitution and hero of independence), returned there every year to drink this acidulous water. Following this, in the next century, Orezza with the showers and massage tables was visited by clients from the mainland and the whole colonial empire – in order to treat malaria, nervous system disorders and diseases concerning the liver and the kidneys. During the last war, it was even shipped to North African soldiers for strength and vitality. Napoléon III even awarded a medal in 1865. The water from Orezza has the reputation of being capable of curing everything. It is exported. It can be found in many hotels and restaurants in Paris too.
This water manages to avoid a certain recent deterioration of the region. And, in spite of its’ success, the desertification continues. The exploitation is abandoned for a certain time – it is in 1999 it will become exploited once again.
Two men believe firmly in it. Pierre-Marie Vitani, Mayor of Tarrano, and François-Xavier Mora, head of Marne and Champagne. Along with the department, they will invest almost 6 million euros. A new prosperity will be seen within a few years. English designers from Claessens design the bottle, and the newest bottling machines are installed. Orezza regains the momentum of the past.
                                                            La source d'Orezza les eaux
A reputation beyond the borders of the island is born. Every day, families from the valley and holiday makers enjoy the surroundings and the water from its’ fountain, which conserves the iron that is is not in bottles by means of a natural oxidation. Trucks come from Folelli in order to load palettes ready to be delivered to the supermarkets on the island. Others embark on the ferry for the mainland. Today, one can find Orezza in several Parisian palaces and some well known tables of French gastronomy, such as Ducasse, Bocuse, Bach. Paolini from one of the French television channels, had it added to the restaurant’s menu at the headquarters in Boulogne Billancourt. It can also be found at the Bon Marché on the left bank in the heart of Paris, and another beautiful area. Exported to New York and Japan, and a frank success thanks to the twenty six employees who work in the factory.
“Water is the driving force in nature ..” – da Vinci
Source: Pari(s) sur la Corse

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