What (else) does November 11th represent in Corsica ?

Paroisses Casinca Saint Martin via VescovatuA cultural event is held annually on November 11th celebrating Saint Martin, the patron saint of winemakers and grape pickers – and also the feast of abundance. Processions take place around the island (here, our image is from Vescovatu), and blessings of the new wine also take place i.e. Patrimoniu. It’s cultural and identity too. ‘U Rosumarinu’ (rosemary) is also flowering this time of year, this was used to make a ‘sfuma’ – branches were placed on smouldering remains, allowing the fragrance to spread throughout the house. Our brotherhoods celebrate religious services, notably one thinks of the Cunfraternita San Martinu.

In this respect, I have joined a link for those who would like to read more about this Cunfraternita : http://letstalkaboutcorsica.com/words-cunfraternita-san-martinu/

Rich in culture and heritage, the conservation and perpetual transmission of such events maintain and reinforce the island’s identity, for the satisfaction of all.

Photo credit: Vescovato U Viscuvatu Casinca Corse  via Paroisses Casinca

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