What the annual Jazz Festival in Calvi has in store for you ..


Jazz lovers are indeed fortunate on this island, as there are a few very interesting festivals every year – one being the Calvi Jazz Festival, which takes place this year from June 19th – 23rd.

Going up north of the island, you cannot miss Calvi on the north west coast, and this is also where Admiral Nelson lost his eye during the Siege of Calvi, when at war with the French Revolutionary Forces back in 1794.

A delightful coastal town, where the main activity remains tourism, and a must see for its impressive citadel, where part of the French Foreign Legion is still based. Over the years, Calvi has become more and more popular, and more and more open to the world in a cosmopolitan way too, attracting all generations. I’ll be returning at a later date too with an article on their Wind Festival, which takes place in Autumn, and where this town becomes the metropolis as regards the wind!

Now, returning to our Jazz Festival, this year will be inviting such names as: Didier Lockwood, Calvi Soul Band, Mambo with the Democratic Republic, a tribute to Glenn Miller with the Glenn Ambassadors Big Band, and a further tribute to Django Reinhardt with Angelo Debarre …to name but a few and a choice for all, I’d say. Remember Calvi, if you are wandering around the island during these dates – I frankly doubt the possibility of disappointment here, and you can certainly count on great atmosphere too, accompanied by some of the prettiest sights.

For the short story, hear-say would have it, that Christopher Columbus would have been born in Calvi … theories and possiblities abide.

Have a great time!


Photo credit: Calvi Jazz Festival

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