What’s the Bistrot du Cours up to these days ? –> update on events

cafe citoyenConstantly changing, evolving with attractive suggestions, the ‘Bistrot du Cours’ is a very busy spot, right in the heart of the town of Ajaccio – thus, accessible to a large community.

My previous article spoke of last year’s activities. However, Pascal and his son Alex, always desiring to innovate and continue proposing several appointments, at times on a monthly basis or other times, more frequently.

Let’s start with the monthly suggestions:

– A Philosophical Evening ‘Café Philo‘ – where a subject is chosen beforehand and suggested to the public, (animated by Prof. Decheveau); usually lasting between two to three hours, and more and more popular as time goes by, for those present participate and share their personal views.

– A Psychological Reunion: ‘Café Psy‘ – here again, a subject is chosen, discussed with a psychologist (presenting Toussaint Corticchiato) and an exchange of views, differences/agreements are released and debated upon.
The subjects for both of the above may or may not interest everybody, but, the fact of the matter is one always learns something new, more than often due to the fact that elements are revealed through alternative experience and the deliberate choice of transmitting reveals unexplored domains.

BBook day: whereupon a group will exchange their personal views on a chosen book they particularly took pleasure in reading, thus a supplementary reason to investigate a large display of literary discoveries – this usually takes place on a Saturday (11h) and lasts around an hour – each individual bringing their own book.

Refined Conversations: scheduled after BBook (13h), and where the theme concerns ‘human nature’ – each participant proposes a question on a central theme, thus interchange and the sharing of personal views.            café philo
– Yearly: 4 times:
‘Café Citoyen’ – Citizen Café:
and a very interesting episode planned for this current week, to be noted: a ‘Café Citoyen’, based on the question: What is Europe ?
with two members of the European Green Party:
Michèle Rivasi and Karim Zeribi – a vast subject to be debated and  questions raised to be answered/viewed/considered.
Entrance/participation to all of the above is free of charge, a detail not to be neglected !
Theatre, conversations (on a chosen subject: Sundays), theme evenings, astrological gatherings, art exhibitions, workshops, readings – all of which, are proposed regularly with enthusiasm by the dynamic team: Pascal and Alex.
Very recently, Pascal Bruno was interviewed by Guillaume Villemot (founder of the Festival des Conversations), in view of the 2nd edition of the Conversations Festival which took place between April 14th-20th, not just here and on the mainland, but throughout Europe, London and New York …

The Bistrot being involved with these types of exchanges, it seemed a logical choice too. Within this space of time, Pascal willingly shared his ongoing longing to bring people together, from all walks of life and believes this involves an act of citizenship and construction, at times leading to a certain definite ‘liberation’. He firmly believes we live in an age of relative isolation, within which there is a category who suffers (silently or not) daily – his energy for renewing ties motivates his intentions and aspirations.

café BistrotFinally, you can always just sit in the sun on the terrace of course, neglecting notions of time, browsing through the numerous books at your disposition there, and you’ll always know you will be welcomed.
Bistrot du Cours
10, Cours Napoléon
20000 Ajaccio

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