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Village, heart-to-heart: BALOGNA


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I’m urged to say, street art ! for I discovered this village only this summer; even though I had been around Vico many a time (and Murzo for that matter).

It’s very easy to miss the left turn to Balogna, when you’re driving out of Vico, so, watch out for it, if you decide to venture out there. A beautiful, quaint little village, with apparent stone houses, cobblestone streets … it appears to be comfortably nestled in the surroundings, and timeless – a valley, in other words, about 500m above sea level.

I’ve heard there are some extraordinary sunsets to be observed there during the winter months, which I have yet to discover. The road leading to the village, stops there, so, be prepared to spend some time wandering around.

As for the street art, it is quite spectacular; i.e. an old phone booth, completely transformed, stands out as though having undergone a second youth – a village fountain too, appears to blend into nature herself … it’s quite captivating really. Medicinal plants can also be found there, seemingly there would be around 98 from what I heard – a few examples:

Celery Nodal flowers Helosciadium nodiflorum
Strawberry tree arbutus, l’Albitru Arbutus unedo
u Prunalbellu Crataegus monogyna
Sticky alder l’Alzu Alnus glutinosa
White heather a Scopa

Photo credit: Photos-Corses Laurena R Copyright ©


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