What’s the particularity of —> CALINZANA (Calenzana) ?

Calenzana Balade en Corse 2
Situated in the Balagne area, and 275m above sea level and at the foot of Mount Grossu, in what is called ‘granite Corsica’, as red granite can be widely observed, adding to the tones of the surroundings. Historically speaking, the town is steeped in events and ruins, and in 1732, a Corsican nationalist uprising took place here against the Genoese rulers of that time – presently an excavation is being carried out. It also belongs to the Regional Natural Park. A menhir statue can be admired in the Santa Restituta church too.
In the mid-19th century, Prince Pierre Napoléon Bonaparte came to live there, but, at the fall of the Empire, his house was burned and completely destroyed. Numerous hiking trails to discover for those eager to hike in the area, with splendid landscape and tones, and for those who prefer the sea, it is nearby, with beaches within reach rapidly.
A particularity I would like to underline is the fact that one can buy/treat oneself to tasty ‘canistrelli’ biscuits, made in the village, and certainly one of the best to be found on the island to this day.
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