What’s the particularity of —-> CENTURI ?

Village heart-to-heart: Centuri

Centuri Musique Corse
Lobsters, and fishing. If you’re at all a lover of lobsters/fish, this is the place for you!
Centuri, from ‘Centurinum Civitas’, a small town that existed VI centuries BC.
During the XVI century, Genoa decided to build a tower at the entrance of the port, and the remains can still be seen today, and because of its’ location, it was indeed coveted; finally returning to the Genoese in XVI century, and becoming part of Cape Corsica.
To be noted: in 1757, Pasquale Paoli made Centuri the military port of the Corsican independent nation.
Colour, certainly stands out in this little village, with its’ serpentine roofs, so delightful to view; old houses of coloured stone, surrounded by quite a collection of hamlets – leading to marinas (Ortinola, Camera and Orche¬† ).
Also to be noted, and certainly not forgotten, three mills surround the village, one of which is the famous ‘Moulin Mattei of which I wrote in length some time ago.

Well worth a visit, and spending some time to admire more wonderful panoramic views.


Photo credit: Musique Corse

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