What’s the particularity of —-> CENTURI ?

Village heart-to-heart: Centuri

Centuri Musique Corse
Lobsters, and fishing. If you’re at all a lover of lobsters/fish, this is the place for you!
Centuri, from ‘Centurinum Civitas’, a small town that existed VI centuries BC.
During the XVI century, Genoa decided to build a tower at the entrance of the port, and the remains can still be seen today, and because of its’ location, it was indeed coveted; finally returning to the Genoese in XVI century, and becoming part of Cape Corsica.
To be noted: in 1757, Pasquale Paoli made Centuri the military port of the Corsican independent nation.
Colour, certainly stands out in this little village, with its’ serpentine roofs, so delightful to view; old houses of coloured stone, surrounded by quite a collection of hamlets – leading to marinas (Ortinola, Camera and Orche  ).
Also to be noted, and certainly not forgotten, three mills surround the village, one of which is the famous ‘Moulin Mattei of which I wrote in length some time ago.

Well worth a visit, and spending some time to admire more wonderful panoramic views.


Photo credit: Musique Corse

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