What’s the particularity of —–> LIVIA (Levie) ?

Village, heart-to-heart in just a few words: LIVIA
 Livia Anglie Photos


For one thing, it’s the capital of the Alta Rocca region (south of Corsica, ending up around Mount Incudine: 2134m above sea level), and only 29km from the very quaint village of Sartène – also belonging to the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, which I remind you covers almost 40% of the island.

Now, for those interested in history/archaeology, a prehistoric and medieval museum can be explored, within which collections of excavations found on this territory will certainly interest you, so, allow yourselves sufficient time when visiting this area.

A must see too: Cucuruzzu, of which I wrote some time ago, where the temporal length of existence appears on pause, drifting back to the Bronze Age/Middle Ages – to continue on to the Capula ‘castellu’ which is only around 20min away from there, being inhabited until the Middle Ages.

It’s extremely wealthy historically speaking this region, and a whole day is really required if you want to fully explore, and you’ll find some wonderful views of course, that goes without saying .. we’re in the Land of the Lords here – rambling through history.


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