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Village, heart-to-heart : MONTEMAIO
Montemaggiore Philipe Lagain
Our direction takes us back up north, towards the Balagne area and to the photographic village of Montemaio (Montemaggiore), perched on a rocky spur (381m), and inviting one to contemplate the plains of Montegrossu and Calenzana. We’re also at the foot of the mountain range of the Monte Grossu (1937m) – and if one can believe hear say, the cradle of a certain Don Juan – for his mother, Donna Anfriani was born here (although stories have been carried through time, as to the exact identification of our Don Juan in question). We’re very near Calvi here, so, exceptional views of the Bay can be observed, completing the natural charm. If you are interested in or simply appreciate, old village houses with sculpted doors, this is the place for you – small, narrow streets will enchant and guide you. A parochial church may take to your interest, that of Saint Augustine – Baroque, from the late XVI century, with a bell tower. On August 28th, there is a procession, within which St Augustine is carried by the brothers.  You’ll find other churches within this neighbourhood too, if you would like to continue on a tour (an example here would be that of Saint Rainier, a Pisan Romanesque).

Last, but not least, an olive fair is held at the end of July; it’s a festive occasion and where you will find the chance to discover/sample some excellent olive oil.

Photo credit: Philippe Lagain

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