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Village, heart-to-heart: OLMETA-DI-TUDA

Olmeta-di-Tuda Jean Pierre Olmeta



OlmetadiTuda is a village I love to visit, certainly one of the prettiest too. Narrow village roads, within which tall stone houses cluster comfortably facing both mountains and sea. We’re beside San Fiurenzu, Oletta, Patrimoniu and Biguglia, and of course not far from Barbaggio (where one finds the Domaine Devichi and their unmistakable wine+muscat), and in the Nebbiu region. At an altitude ranging from 300 to 800m, obviously the view is quite stunning, and where the whole valley of the Nebbiu can be admired.

A historical village too, and where traces of a Roman settlement were found in the valley. A notable remark, one of the finest and most gifted Corsican polyphonic groups originates from this village; no other than Barbara Fortuna. The cultural heritage is sensed, and an ongoing desire for improvements, whenever necessary. The presence of a holiday camp/village on the outskirts, sees arrivals and departures annually. No matter which side you choose to drive there, the luscious scenery is everywhere, inciting you to linger within these moments. This is a village where one takes one’s time, strolling around or simply sitting on one of the charming low stone walls, chatting and deliciously forgetting about time passing by ..

Photo credit: Jean-Pierre Olmeta Copyright ©

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