What’s the particularity of —> Santa Lucia d’Attalà /Sainte-Lucie-de-Tallano

 Village, heart-to-heart: SANTA LUCIA D’ATTALA
Santa Lucia d'Attala Angie
‘Orbicular diorite’, both rare and sought after (also known as ‘Corsite’ or ‘Napoléonite’; unique, due to the presence of orbicules, used to build the Médicis chapel in Florence amongst other things) can be found in this very attractive village, with narrow little streets and pinkish, granite houses. We’re back to the mountains of the Alta Rocca too, and not far from Livia (Levie).
A medieval stronghold to admire behind the church, and if you’re interested in mills, there is an old, charming oil mill one that you can visit, and of course taste the local olive oil in the village, being a major attraction – for an olive fair is held there annually, usually over the month of April ‘festa di l’oliu novu’ – something to keep in mind.

For those who have seen/heard of the film ‘l’Enquête Corse’, you’ll find interesting to note that part of the film was shot in this village too – now, that’s also an interesting particularity to remember.

Photo credit : Angie
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