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Village, heart-to-heart: CANELLE


Continuing our village visits ..
We visited Centuri not too long ago, now we’re arriving at the charming marina of Canelle, in Cape Corsica – which is just 2km from Centuri. In the past seemingly, it was named ‘Kanelate’ (of Greek origin) and was founded during the VI century. During that time, the church had a lantern tower (around 10m in height), with a constant fire kept alight, so that the sailors could more easily situate the marina. Commerce with Italy was quite common over the XIX century, as there were several warehouses. This is such a charming place once again, where one can spend hours roaming around, visiting, and taking in the scenery. Remember to take the time to view the gorgeous fountain embedded in the rock ! http://bit.ly/1KBU8CM

As it’s perched, the views are splendid indeed.

(In Canari, the main district – there is an international singing and lyrical competition every two years, in September).- not to be confused with another existing Cannelle, which is quite near Ajaccio, but, spelt differently.

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