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Pinu 2During the XV century, this small town situated in Cape Corsica (at an altitude of 157m), changed hands regularly with the Lords at that time, who dealt with Pisa and Genoa. Upon the return of certain natives after high emigration to Puerto Rico, the constructions of large Tuscan houses, possessing sloped roofs, were not unusual to see – also very attractive and spacious. Imposing and dignified tombstones were erected – notably, that of the Piccioni family, which contains the ashes of Valentine Eiffel (Gustave Eiffel’s daughter, who married Camille Piccioni).The convent of St Francis (1486), used to be occupied until 1986, now awaiting to be hopefully renovated. A small castle built by the Piccioni family can be observed and still stands, surrounded by wonderful gardens belonging to cultural heritage. If you’re feeling up to it, there’s a lovely walk of around one and a half hours down to the Marine de Scalu, surrounded by colourful, pleasant gardens leading to this small fishing port. Three square Genoese towers await you there too: Metimu, from the XV century, and Cassuciu and Ciocce dating back to the XVI century. Pinu Balades en Corse 1

It’s a gorgeous spot to visit, filled with points of interest and inviting countryside.

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