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Sartène Alain PistorisiAround 15min. from Propriano, one can find the charming little town of Sartène. From medieval times, It has been called ‘the most Corsican of Corsican towns’ by Prosper Mérimé – remaining very traditional and bathing in heritage. The Genoese built this town around 1550, and is located just above the Rizzanèse Valley. It’s very quaint, with narrow cobbled streets, filled with small, interesting shops you feel like popping into to discover crafts, local products etc., and alleys leading here, there and everywhere. This little town was also very special during the island’s Resistance, around WW2. More splendid views with museums, a monastery, citadel and church for visits. Sartène does hold a notable particularity: the Catenacciu – which takes place annually on Good Friday.

– For further information concerning the Catenacciu, you may wish to follow this link: http://bit.ly/1nf39Jq
– somewhere to remember to drop by, if you’re anywhere near this region.

Photo credit: AlainPistoresi Copyright©


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