What’s the particularity of ————> VESCOVATO (Viscuvatu) ?

Village, heart-to-heart: VESCOVATO



2Capitol of the Casinca, this is a fertile region between the eastern plain and the Castagniccia, also chosen by Marius to establish the first Roman colony. Founded at the beginning of the 15th century, by a bishop from Mariana who took summer residence at the site of a castle named Bel-Fiorito; seat of the diocese until 1570.

It has given birth to some illustrious children too: Monteggiani, Ceccaldi, Filippini (all from the 16th century), and also Matteo Buttafuoco, who invited Rousseau to come and prepare a draft for the Corsican Independent Constitution (1764).

Both Mirabeau and Murat spent some time here – Murat in 1815, just before his unfortunate tentative to reconquer the kingdom of Naples.

Prehistoric remains, with civil and sacred architecture, a museum (with another on its’ way) – a ferruginous source, agriculture and productivity.

An old beautiful town, set on a rocky outcrop between two rivers.

Also, a surprisingly young population, of which a quarter would be less than 20 years of age, along with the fact that they are more representative than the over 60’s. This is quite surprising, especially when you consider the size of this island.

Source + Photo credit: Vescovato U Viscuvatu CasincaCorse Copyright ©

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