When the Sposata mountain reveals a legend, we listen to what it has to say

In the region of Vico, and just above the village of Murzo, a strange shaped mountain exists – called the Sposata.

Long ago, in this modest region of the ‘Deux Sorru’, a poor and helpless mother lived with her daughter, Maria, who was as beautiful as the day, but possessing a heart of stone. Whilst looking after their sheep in the mountains, Maria had only one thought in mind; to give up this life of misery – but, how ? It so happened, one day a handsome young man presenting himself to her as the Count of the Cinarca, came upon her way. Rapidly, he fell in love with the beautiful shepherdess, and very soon asked her to marry him – to which she answered positively, without any hesitation.

But, Maria was poor and ashamed of being so; in order to put together a dowry, she had no qualms in completely robbing her penniless, sick mother. She gathered everything that was possibly worthwhile with no remorse whatsoever, and disappeared with her knight to the top of the mountain – without looking back. The Gods, seeing this, were moved by the despicable behaviour of the young girl, and became very angry.
The sky became covered with large, dark clouds and thunder rumbled – violent lightning struck down on Maria, who was immediately petrified.
Thereupon, she became a statue of stone, and the exact image of her own heart. 



Photo/text credit:
Contes et Légendes Corses Corsica Mea



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