Wild garlic ‘Agliu salvaticu’ as a medicinal plant


Another medicinal plant to add to our collection (which is growing constantly). Notice how pretty they all are too.

Wild garlic belongs to the family of alliaceous plants. Found usually in shaded and moist areas. The bulbs and the more aery parts are used. Possessing properties that resemble those of the common garlic, it lowers blood pressure and prevents arteriosclerosis, relieves stomach aches and facilitates digestion in general. It is also used to treat diarrhoea, colics due to indigestion and even stimulates the appetite. Along with all the above, it is also used as a vermifuge. Garlic purifies and removes toxins from our body, and has a very positive effect on circulation.

When used as a spice: the leaves are finely cut and added to soups, sauces and salads.
When used as a tincture: Fill a bottle full of chopped leaves. Cover with alcohol 40% and allow to rest for 15 days in the sun. Take 15 drops per day, in a little water.


Source: Source: Corsica Guide Copyright ©

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