Winter Attractions

Back CameraThe island offers a wide panoply of attractions 

And when you consider its size you realise just how considerable these are effectively. Over the winter months, one can enjoy trips to Val d’Ese (1620m) and Ghisoni (1586m), if you look forward to and enjoy – the snow! Extended rows of mountains draped in white, literally glowing in the daily sun, will capture your attention and pleasure. Having recently returned from a short stay on the east coast, I was somewhat marvelled at the distinction between both sides of the island over the same period of time, when leaving the snow-topped west and arriving at the snowless east, just within a few hours – and here is a significant example of what you can expect from Corsica. Imagine being by the sea and yet a short distance from the mountains, imagine lying on the sand and gazing at the peaks! – within these short intervals, you can reach sea, mountains and rivers, and all at the choice of the moment.

Keep in mind, over the month of Christmas those very quaint wooden chalets make their appearance in many villages, where one can savour freshly roasted chestnuts, spicy wine and so much more. We are fully aware that each season offers a variety of sensations, quite singular moments we pay attention to, in order to fully appreciate the advantages.

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