A few words on the Cunfratèrnita San Martinu di Patrimoniu

San Martinu di Patrimonio (image page)This brotherhood is composed of twenty brothers and one novice.

At the end of each cycle (two years), eight brothers are elected in the ‘Uffizii’.

The actions produced by the brotherhood are based on commitment and volunteerism from each of the members; looking after material and non-material property, documentary research, organising demonstrations, participating in charitable activities, transmitting knowledge and apprenticeship of sacred songs … all of this leads to constant expenses that the brotherhood must bear.

The Cunfratèrnita exists and works through the generosity of those composing it, along with the wealth of their social and age group diversity. A force of proposal composes this group, through reflection and search for a better construction of tomorrow’s society.

Multiplying energy, constantly enriched by the integration of new souls permitting the diversity of the group, and always working towards common good and the sharing of values. It is the sum of each of these differences, and of each member, that consolidation of unity resides within.

source: Patrimoniu di Corsica Copyright ©
photo credit: Cunfratèrnita San Martinu Patrimoniu ©

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