A few words on: The Resistance Cave of Porri di Casinca

During the summer of 1943, the headquarters of the organisation moved from the ‘grotta paliaghja’, which was located the in the mountain of San Gavinu d’Ampugnani, to the Porri cave.
This is an excavation at the very top of a rock, overlooking a torrent and not far from the villages of Porri and Sorbo, in the highly patriotic Casinca.
And, this is where one of the clandestine printing works belonging to the Resistance, was installed. On December 26th, 1942 Emile Reboli a former trade union leader, and Robert Pedini, an Italian anti-fascist whose father had been imprisoned in Italy, succeeded in seizing the characters and frameworks of the Imrimerie Nouvelle, belonging to the Italian Consulate in Bastia.
More than 50.000 leaflets and newspapers, including ‘Le Patriote’ and ‘Terre Corse’ will be published by the printing press of the ‘maquis’.
Source: porri.eu

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