A few words on: Sant’Antonino – one of our oldest villages

We’re going up north to discover this gorgeous little village.

Situated on a summit at 500m of altitude, this village dates back to the IX century – the houses were built in a spiral movement, thus better defending themselves of attacks from the Moors. We can well understand the original function of this strategic village – which was to keep an eye on its fiefs, and to prevent enemy landings.
Between the sea and the mountains, it has been classified as one of the most beautiful villages. Ile Rousse and Calvi are nearby – around 13k from Ile Rousse and 21k from Calvi. It’s a village that’s well worth visiting, not only for its natural beauty, but also for its historical heritage.

Summer can be very dry here, but the winters are also temperate, because of the proximity of the sea. Groves of white oaks, small wild olive trees and almond trees can be observed and admired.

‘Fiera di l’Amandula’ the annual almond fair is held every year in August in Aregno (which is only around 12m by car from Sant’Antonino) – another suggestion to keep in mind if you are driving around this area during August.
Donkey rides, hiking, visiting an old XI century church or/and the old medieval castle are also very much part of the attractions you can expect.

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Photo credit: Pierre Bona ©

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