A few words on: The Tower House of the Durazzo Family

A family of Corsican nobility, linked to the Saint George Institution 
– the Durazzo di Fozzano or Fozzani Durazzo, within which Michelangelo Durazzo di Fozzano was Count Della Rocca (1698-1773).
Often known as General Michel Durazzo, who was one of the most ardent supporters of the ephemeral King of Corsica: Théodore de Neuhof.
Son of Durazzo di Fozzano (1673-1751), born in Fozzano, south Corsica.
The latter received the first name Durazzo in tribute to the Governor of Corsica.
His two sons Michelangelo and Gianpaolo received their father’s name as their surname, as did all of their descendants, who abandoned Fozzano.
This family was listed in two internal wars that marked the 1830’s in the region:
– that of Fozzano, who opposed them to Colomba Carabelli, from which Mérimée drew forth Colomba
– that of the War of Saint Anne, within which allied to the Rocaserra, the Durazzo faced the Susini and the Ortoli, on the basis of disagreements between the legitimists and the Orléanists. 



Source: Augustin Chiodetti 

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