A few words on: ‘Tragulinu’ and ‘Bancarotta’

The ‘tragulinu’ used to sell various types of food products and numerous objects: sieves, shovels, bellows, pipes, bells. One could hear him arriving from afar, announcing his arrival with the jingle of bells. And, there was always something found to buy, whilst he praised the quality of his products.
His goods fired the imagination of both young and elder. And then, there was also the ‘bancarottu’, who carried a small crate within which one could discover the haberdashery –  “Aio ! straglieri, cinque per un soldu ! achi, fili, ditali, rampile, acaroli ! ” He would open his rectangular box, filled with treasures and wrapped in cloth. All the women, children and youngsters would rush up – there were so many hidden treasures in this box.
Thread, needles, ribbons, mirrors, penknives, cotton yarn, and cloth .. a genuine bric-a-brac, and a true performance! – swapping could often be used as a means of payment.
Source: Corse Passion

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